The Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre features both permanent and temporary exhibits and displays.


Temporary Exhibit

Tobacco Art

Tuesday January 30 to Friday December 14, 2018

In this exhibit, we will explore the many portrayals of tobacco from farm to finished product, through different media and contexts. This exhibit will feature the work of local artists and their interpretation of tobacco from the agricultural point of view and we will also explore the many different advertising techniques of companies through their use of print media, accessories and even packaging. We will open a dialogue to discuss this controversial product from the many different vantage points of the tobacco industry through the years. Please join us as we engage audiences in this exhibit, Tobacco Art.

Permanent Exhibits

Tobacco Processing - Stalk Cutter

Tobacco in Canada

Follow the stages of growing tobacco in Norfolk County as you admire the equipment used in years gone by.


Learn about one of Norfolk County’s most unique crops – ginseng!

Alternative Agriculture in Norfolk County

Did you know that Norfolk County is the number one grower of many fruits and vegetables in Ontario? Come and learn about some of the other interesting and unique crops grown in the area such as popping corn and lavender!

Our Cultural Roots

Explore Delhi’s multicultural heritage through our exhibit featuring eight countries that have greatly contributed to the growth of this community.



Exhibit - Discover Delhi

Exhibit – Discover Delhi

Visit our ‘Discover Delhi’ exhibit and learn all about Early Settlement, Municipal Services, Schools & Churches, Historic Homes, Businesses & Industry, Sports & Entertainment and Community Clubs & Services.





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