Holiday Closure

We will be closed for the Easter Weekend beginning on March 30th and will reopen for regular hours on April 3rd. Thank you for your understanding.



The Naturalist’s Closet – Nicotiana Coat

A community project that will bring participants together to raise awareness for an environmental issue.

Please read our Media Release for more information Media Release – Nicotiana Coat



Over the course of Winter and into early Spring, we will be working on moving our George Demeyere Library to our current Temporary Exhibit gallery and opening up a new collections space where our current library is located.

The new Library space is going to create a more accessible space for visitors to use for research and will also be a space for children’s programming.

The new collections space is a larger location to expand our collecting capabilities and properly store artifacts that currently do not have a home.

We are excited for the new changes, but don’t worry, the Museum will still be open to the public and you will be able to take a peak into the new spaces and changes being made to the Museum.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Museum at (519) 582-0278 or email us at

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