Facility Rental Policy & Agreement

The Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre is available for rental to groups for various functions excluding weddings and buck and does. If you are interested in renting the Museum, please read the information below before contacting the Museum to confirm if the date you are interested in booking is available. Thank you!

Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre

200 Talbot Road – DELHI, Ontario    N4B 2A2 

Phone:  519-582-0278         Fax:  519-582-0122



(Effective as of January 1st, 2015)


Basic Fee –per hour                           $  60 ($53.10 + $6.90 HST)

Half Day/Evening (3 hours)           $125 ($110.62 + $14.38 HST)

Full Day (7 hours)                             $250 ($221.24 + $28.76 HST)

Interpretive Tour*                            $  18 ($15.93 + $2.07 HST)

Maintenance Deposit**                   $100 (refundable)


*An Interpretive Tour of the Museum is available for groups renting the facility for an additional fee of $18


**A Maintenance Deposit is required of all rentals and will be refunded if no additional maintenance is required.  This fee is paid in addition to the rental fee(s) and must be paid is advance of rental date along with rental fee(s) in order to confirm booking dates and time.


NOTE:  An additional fee will apply and will be invoiced by Norfolk County should the time extend beyond the terms of the Museum Facility Rental Agreement 




Purpose of this Policy: To encourage and promote the use of Museum facilities to outside user groups while practising fiscal responsibility.


1. A maintenance/security deposit of $100, in addition to the rental fee(s), will be required for all bookings, and may be refunded if no additional maintenance is required. This fee is due in advance of the event and will act as a security deposit for the use of facilities. In case of cancellation, one week’s notice must be given or the deposit is non-refundable.


2. User groups of the Museum will be charged a fee (i.e. Rates – $60/hour -$125/3 hours – $250/7 hours) for the use of the facility , based on length of time, including set-up, event and tear down time, in addition to the maintenance/security deposit.


3. All users will complete and sign Museum Facilities Rental Agreement for and provide the maintenance/security deposit prior to the date of the special event.


4. Permission is required from the Museum to serve alcohol on the premises. LCBO Special Occasion Permits are the responsibility of the user group and must be posted at the time of the function. No alcohol of any kind will be permitted unless a permit has been acquired and will be limited to the main floor of the gallery area. The User group will be required to provide Public Alcohol Liability (PAL) Insurance as required by the agreement. User group will be required to provide a copy of the appropriate liquor license, insurance policy and smart serve certification at least 1 week prior to the scheduled rental agreement date.


5. No food or drinks are permitted on the second floor or any carpeted areas, including: library, collections storage area or temporary exhibition room of the Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre.


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