Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre

200 Talbot Road, Delhi, ON 519-582-0278 [email protected]

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Learn more about our current, future and past exhibits.

Norfolk County is one of the most multicultural municipalities in Ontario and much of that population planted its roots in Delhi. The area started to see a cultural shift from the origins of our populations from hundreds of years ago beginning with First Nations, to later seeing populations from all over Europe but in particular, Great Britain and Germany.

Then in the 20th century, due to both World Wars and revolutions or uprisings, Canada began to see a mass immigration of Europeans from war-torn countries arriving on our shores. This exhibit displays some of the many groups that made an important and lasting impact on life in Norfolk County and Delhi. They originally came to work in tobacco and from there developed a richly diverse community in Delhi and surrounding area.

Today, we have three halls in town that represent those cultures, as well as the Multicultural Heritage Association of Norfolk and several generations of families who descended from that time period. The cultures live on through their stories and we are happy to have on display some of those stories.