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Learn more about our current, future and past exhibits.

Exhibiting June 9 to September 11.

The Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre is thrilled to present Larry Monczka’s  photographs in an exhibit titled “Tobacco Kilns of Norfolk County”.

According to Monczka the remnant tobacco kilns of Norfolk County first came to his attention when he retired to Port Ryerse. Their simple shapes and primary colours were striking in a relatively flat rural landscape. Because the kilns were no longer valued nor maintained, the sagging roofs, torn tarpaper, exposed wood and gaping windows suggested the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi”. This refers to the sense of serene melancholy associated with imperfection and impermanence.”

Works from this exhibition can be found in Monczka’s self-published book, Tobacco Kilns of Norfolk County. His photographs are paired with poems by Amber Homeniuk, whose verses describe the gritty, hard work of tobacco farming.


Artist Biography

Photography became a serious avocation for Larry Monczka when, in 1979, he happened across an exhibition by the noted American photographer Eliot Porter in New York City. Soon afterwards, he signed up for a week-long workshop with the photographic educator Freeman Patterson. Freeman’s encouragement led to many more workshops on the east coast of Canada during the 80s and early 90s.

Throughout the 90s, Larry was a contributing editor to the Canadian photography magazine “Photo Life” where he wrote numerous articles on photographic subjects.

Larry has participated in three joint exhibitions of photography (2002/2006/2010) with his wife Kathleen Pickard in the gallery of the Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover. He participated in a group show “Well Hung” at the Lighthouse Gallery in 2015  as well as a joint exhibition at the Old Town Hall Gallery entitled “Playtime” in 2015.

Larry and Kathy were honoured to be asked to exhibit their photographs of Norfolk County in a major retrospective entitled “Hereabouts” at the Norfolk Arts Centre in 2015.

Larry has had two porfolios of work published in the respected online fine art photographic journal LensWork. A six image project was juried for pubication in the LensWork book “Seeing in Sixes” in 2017.

Larry’s website,, a collaboration with his photographer wife Kathleen Pickard, displays current work, ongoing and completed photo projects as well as galleries of archived images.